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Authorities seized 12 motorcycles belonging to Romanian members of the famous Hell’s Angels gang Photo: Digi24 video capture

They made money from illegalities and did not shy away from showing their fortunes. Suspects from criminal cases in Romania bought cars worth hundreds of thousands of euros in violation of the law, and when they were caught by the police, the luxury cars were seized. In the garage of the National Agency for the Administration of Unavailable Goods (ANABI), there are also 12 collection motorcycles that belonged to the Romanian members of the Hell’s Angels gang.

On November 19, 2020, DIICOT prosecutors made public some spectacular images, filmed with a thermal imaging drone, during searches. The target were members of a group of motorcyclists from Romania, affiliated to the Hell’s Angels group from America. The suspects were involved in drug trafficking, and the search engines were also used to drive the roads in the country. The two-wheeled jewelry is now in place, seized.

Hell’s Angels motorcyclists are considered among the most dangerous in the world. The members of the group from Romania bought 12 collectible motorcycles with the money obtained from drug trafficking, all very expensive and very valuable.

Luxury cars bought by a Romanian with money from skimming

In the same garage, next to the motorcycles, there are five cars worth almost 900 thousand euros. They were recently seized from a Romanian who was part of a network, also from the United States, who stole money from accounts .

The fastest of the cars is a Lamborghini Huracan. This “beast” on wheels is worth 240 thousand euros, has 640 horses and catches a hundred km / h in less than 3 seconds.

It seems that the man was passionate about convertible cars, which is why he took a BMV M8, which is worth almost 100 thousand euros.

The “cheapest” car in the collection is a Mercedes S Class of 33 thousand euros. It is also the oldest, being manufactured in 2014.

“We are talking about an international case, in this case the procedures are more complex and much more detailed”, says Cornel Călinescu, ANABI director.

The confiscated vehicles will be sold

Vehicles confiscated in criminal cases will be sold to recover the damage.

Alexandra Dinu, Digi24 journalist: All the cars you see behind me are put up for auction, they have been seized from people who are being investigated at the moment. The most expensive is this luxury car that costs no less than 163 thousand euros and was seized from a member of a human trafficking group in Galati.

“It is in the process of capitalization at the moment, having active five auctions plus three more, worth somewhere one million – one million 300 lei”, says Cornel Călinescu.

Currently, vehicles worth 3 million euros are seized in the garage of the National Agency for the Administration of Unavailable Goods.

Location: Romania

Source: digi24

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