In addition to the expanded factory footprint, Vanderhall has added dealers across the globe. 

Begin Press Release: 

Vanderhall Adds 33 Locations

PROVO, UT (November 20, 2020) – Vanderhall Motor Works released a dealer development growth update, announcing the addition of 33 new store locations with several key international dealerships. With the additional spike of demand associated with the release of the Navarro, Vanderhall is gearing up by adding distribution points and expanding their factory footprint, doubling their current plant size.

United States store locations have grown to 75, with 15 additional locations internationally.

“The excitement around the brand has never been higher. Recent events could have tempered demand for our product, but the opposite has happened. People need an escape, an opportunity to explore and Vanderhall gives them that in an organically socially distanced manner, ” Vice President of Dealer Acquisitions and Sales, Jay Omanson.

Vanderhall dealers, in addition to the future Navarro, are excited to be able to offer two new premium model variants in 2021: the Venice GTS (new to the US) and the Carmel GTS has been added to the model lineup. Dealers are also beginning to see a measured rollout of new model variant colors for 2021: Ivory White, Ida Rose Red, Royal Blue, Jean Grey, and Obsidian Black.

Interested potential dealers may register here.

New Dealers:


  • Vanderhall of U.A.E.
  • Vanderhall of Qatar
  • Vanderhall of Kuwait
  • Vanderhall of Monaco
  • Vanderhall of Vienna
  • Vanderhall of Munich
  • Vanderh all of Solingen
  • Vanderhall of Kortrijk
  • Vanderhall of Normandy
  • Vanderhall of Australia

United States:

  • Vanderhall of Anchorage
  • Vanderhall of Scottsdale
  • Vanderhall of Virginia Beach
  • Vanderhall of Winchester
  • Vanderhall of Springfield
  • Vanderhall of Indianapolis
  • Vanderhall of Fort Lauderdale
  • Vanderhall of Tulsa
  • Vanderhall of Ledgewood
  • Vanderhall of Columbus
  • Vanderhall of Tempe
  • Vanderhall of Corinth
  • Vanderhall of the Poconos
  • Vanderhall of Wilmington
  • Vanderhall of Milwaukee
  • Vanderhall of Wesley Chapel
  • Vanderhall of Albany
  • Vanderhall of Byron
  • Vanderhall of Milford
  • Vanderhall of Palm Beach
  • Vanderhall of Northwest Ohio
  • Vanderhall of San Antonio
  • Vanderhall of Northeast Ohio

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