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In the world of motorcycling clubs, there are the 99% of “law-abiding citizens” and then there are the one-percenters. But there is another small group right in the middle and that’s the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. They started making waves in the early 2000s and are one of the fastest-growing motorcycle clubs in the United States.

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In their relatively short existence, they have managed to make their fair share of enemies but none of them are as big as the Hells Angels. These aren’t the type of people that you would want to get on the wrong side of, but the Iron Order MC has managed to do this on multiple occasions. Over the years their rivalry has grown more intense and this has resulted in several violent altercations.

There’s no hitting the brakes when it comes to the Annual Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Rally especially when it’s gone on for 81 years

If you know a little about motorcycle clubs then you know that rivalries are a part of their culture, but so is mutual respect. Yet the Hells Angels seem to have little to no respect for the Iron Order MC, so why is that the case? Where does their rivalry come from and why is it so intense?

Let’s take a closer look at the rivalry between the Iron Order and the  Hells Angels.

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