In search of more power, Ron made the obvious improvements to the flow of air and gases. After a comprehensive clean and rebuild the original Mikuni Solez carbs went back on the bike wearing a one-off airbox. For the exhaust, Ron built an impressive new system from tig welded stainless pipe. The 2-into-2 system sweeps up from the engine towards the tail. It passes through the walls of the tail unit before exhaling through a set of 2 stroke-esque handmade mufflers. The similarities here to Kenny’s YZR500 are unmistakable.

Ron, understandably, did away with the Yamaha’s 1970s wiring. In its place is a scratch-built harness using modern connectors, a modern reg/rec, lithium battery and H3 headlamp. A comprehensive set of aftermarket gauges occupy the space behind the windscreen in a custom made alloy dash. Some of Ron’s other handmade additions include hand made clip-on bars wearing R1 controls and alloy rear sets.

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