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About 10 people with connections to motorcycle gangs have been taken into custody outside Attunda District Court, according to Expressen’s information. 

The unrest outside the court arose in connection with the resumption of the trial against a suspected murder command.

The group is accused of having planned the murder of a children’s party connected to Bandidos. 

– We check about 10 people who threw firecrackers, says Eva Nilsson at the Stockholm Police.

According to information to Expressen, just over 20 people gathered outside Attunda District Court on Thursday morning and behaved threateningly. According to Expressen’s information, these are members of the motorcycle gangs Bandidos and X-team. 

According to the police, the people were dispersed as soon as the first police patrol arrived at the scene shortly after 9 o’clock.

– They were between 10 and 20 people who stayed outside the premises and behaved messily and threateningly, says Eva Nilsson, press spokesperson for the Stockholm Police.

– Now we check people why they were there.

Thrown firecracker 

At present, the police do not want to say who the people are and why they behaved threateningly outside the district court. However, the police confirm that the group threw firecrackers and reinforcements were called.

According to information, about 10 people have been taken into custody at the scene who threw so-called bangers.

The situation should now be calm outside Attunda District Court. The police have evicted the disorderly persons and drawn up a report of arrest against officials, nor has anyone been arrested or injured in connection with the incident.

Coupled with attention-grabbing case

In mid-April, a trial at Södertörn District Court was suspended after about 80 people tried to break into the courtroom. According to Expressen’s information, the people were connected to Bandidos and the Bredängs network. 

The case that was heard in Södertörn District Court was moved to Attunda District Court. In the case, four men are charged with, among other things, preparation for murder. The group is suspected of having been part of a murder command that is said to have planned an attack on a children’s party in which members from Bandidos and the Bredäng network participated. 

During the day, negotiations in the case are ongoing in Attunda District Court. 

– We were prepared for something to happen, and the business has been able to continue as usual. Everything that happened during the morning has happened outside the district court’s premises, says Lars-Gunnar Gustafsson, head of security in Attunda district court. 

Sitting against the house facade

According to information to Expressen, there is still a large influx with both the regional order group and the regional task force left at the site.

Several people are in custody against a house facade surrounded by a large number of police officers, and that the task force is in the area.

– We had a planned surveillance in connection with a trial in the district court and were on site immediately, says Ås

Location: Sweden

Source: expressen

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