Want to Scoot Off-Road?

Honda has its X-ADV in certain markets and its new ADV-150 in others. And that seems to have kickstarted some other bike manufacturers to start doing the same kinds of bikes. Notably, Kymco.

The company showcased an adventure scooter not long ago as a concept (shown above) and now Kymco has released a teaser video announcing the arrival of a new scooter that fits this category. 

Little is known at this time. There’s not a whole lot you can see in the teaser video either. This model is designed to get off of asphalt, though, that much is clear.

The concept that the company presented was called the CV2. It was unveiled in 2017, so Kymco has had time to refine this bike into a production model.

The new scooter will be officially unveiled on the 26th, so we won’t have to wait long to see what this new scooter is all about.

lamborghini motorcycle concept

You can check out the teaser video below. I’ll keep you posted on future announcements and releases for this new scooter.

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Credits : motorbikewriter.com

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