An inmate claims he was drugged and raped for three days in jail, before allegedly being marked with a series of ‘grotesque’ tattoos.

The inmate at Yatala prison, in Adelaide‘s north, told jail officers on February 19 that he was ‘forcibly tattooed’ by another inmate.

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Guards noticed he had new designs etched into his stomach, thigh, and chest that were infected.

Staff described the amateur body art as ‘horrific’ with derogatory and sexually-explicit words and .Pictured: The 'horrific' and derogatory images etched into the bikie's skin. He claims he was forcibly tattooed

Pictured: The ‘horrific’ and derogatory images etched into the bikie’s skin. He claims he was forcibly tattooed

Searches of several cells uncovered an illegal tattoo gun, needles, gloves and alcohol swabs, the Adelaide Advertiser reported.

The man, who pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery but has not been sentenced yet, named three prisoners including a Hells Angels bikie, who were allegedly involved.

They were transferred into separate blocks in the high security division.

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The inmate who allegedly forced him into getting the tattoos is serving almost five years for aggravated serious criminal trespass, discharging a firearm to injure, aggravated assault, and breach of bail.

Correctional Services chief executive David Brown described the allegations as ‘deeply disturbing’ on Friday.

‘When such allegations come up it is a criminal matter without any question and South Australian Police are immediately brought in,’ he said.

‘Sexual assault services are brought into the picture and we are very proactive in gathering evidence and supporting police in the work they are doing.’Staff said the tattoos (pictured) were amateurish and contained sexually explicit imagery+2

Staff said the tattoos (pictured) were amateurish and contained sexually explicit imagery

But according to the Advertiser, detectives are investigating whether the prisoner fabricated the whole story.

A source said a police investigation could not substantiate claims that the inmate was drugged or sexually assaulted.

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‘If he has made this up for his own purposes, he is in a spot of bother,’ the source said. 

‘It won’t be just the three he has made the allegations against he will have to worry about, everyone will be lining him up wherever they put him.’ 

Ongoing investigations will determine how the tattoo gun was smuggled into the facility and whether the inmate allowed himself to be tattooed. 

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