What happens when law enforcement meets a scofflaw? Better yet, who will outrun the other? At some point in their career, a police officer will find themselves in the chase of their lives, thoroughly eager to catch up with the assailant and end the pursuit. Most of these situations happen in a cop car, especially with the evolution of the American police car, but bike chases do show up once in a while. It will be a sad day for the officer if it was their day with the precinct moped, and the assailant happens to be a Hells Angel on a Harley-Davidson.

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Hells Angels are widely accepted to be a lawless gang of riders, who tend to bring their fear with them whenever they show up to a place. Whether they are criminals continues to be a hot topic, but the undeniable quality the members share is their passion for high-performance Harley Davidsons. With multiple run-ins with the law and rival bike gangs, they invariably need fast bikes, and they end up getting top of the range Harley Davidsons retrofitted with parts that drive up the performance of the bike.

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