As they so boldly put it on their website, the Icon Pursuit Gloves are “the best fitting glove on the market” and from my experience, I see no reason to challenge that claim. With a slim fitting all-leather construction these gloves fit exactly as a glove should. There’s no bulky padding dulling your sense of touch and strategically positioned expansion gussets provide unrestricted movement. But there’s much more to the pursuit gloves than simply fitting well. The Icon Pursuit Gloves have been built to satisfy the stringent needs of motorcycle riders.

The slim-fitting design of these gloves is what appeals to us most. Icon has in the past offered coloured options of this style but they have returned to their original format of all black, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. A contrasting copper Icon emblem on the back of the hand adds a nice touch to the Pursuit Classic while the CE gloves feature a stealthier black emblem. The gloves are held securely in place by a slim velcro wrist fastener. The tips of the thumb and forefinger feature touch-sensitive stitching so you can operate your devices easily. And while the solid leather Icon Pursuit Classic is no winter glove, the perforated version offers some relief from the heat for those in warmer climates.

As I’ve already confessed the Icon Pursuit Gloves are a hot favourite around here. My last pair remained in use well after the colour had bleached from the sun and the leather felt permanently soggy from soaking up road grime. If you’re after a no-fuss, purposeful riding glove that looks and feels great, you’re sure to be satisfied with a pair of Icon Pursuits; especially considering they retail for a mere $75 USD.


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