The benefits of tube scarfs for motorcyclists compared to regular scarfs or face masks are many. For starters, there’s no risk of anything coming loose and flying off, or worse still, getting caught in a spinning object. Tube scarfs also offer increased coverage over their alternatives so their insulating benefits are superior. Tube scarfs can also be pulled up to cover the nose and mouth which can keep out the cold or dust and road debris.

An additional benefit of Holy Freedom tube scarfs is the multitude of different ways they can be worn. Due to the stretchy nature of the material used in their construction these tube scarfs can double as headbands, balaclavas, wristbands, hair ties and much more. Aside from these functional benefits Holy Freedom’s tubular scarfs also come in a wide range of printed designs to suit your style. The range includes timeless arrow, check and lightning bolt patterns along with a series of bold illustrated designs.


The Holy Freedom Polar range of tube scarfs are designed specifically for the coldest conditions. An outer layer of polyester micro-fibre functions as a wind barrier. Then to keep things toasty the inner surface of the Polar tube scarfs is covered in an insulating fleece-liner. The scarfs are sized at 24cm x 50cm so they can be tucked into the collar of a jacket to keep the wind at bay. For increased comfort, the Polar tube scarf is soft and fast-drying to quickly dispense with any sweat or water.


Tube scarfs can also be a great accessory for riding in warmer conditions too. Worn in summer they can protect against the sun, collect sweat and convert it to cooling air or simply keep out the dust. Holy Freedom also has a range of lighter weight, polyester tube scarfs for just such an occasion. You can find them all here.

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