VIDEO BIKER NEWS EDITION- Morning Biker News 12-15 -2020 Edition Of Motorcycle Madhouse Morning Mayhem

Dear Hollywood,

I’m apart of a 99% club and I have to say you’re dead wrong in your last video about the Pagans. Pagans and clubs like them are the biggest issues in the club scene. I’m out of Arizona and the Hells Angels are no different then the Pagans.

The Hells Angels are worthless in my opinion. You read that story of the Hells Angels president torturing witnesses and that sounds exactly like what they would do. Why would you support people that do things like that? Another issue you brought up in other videos is your belief that only the clubs that started in the 60’s and 70’s are the true 1%ers. Why do you have such a hard on for new 1% clubs? Where do you get your logic? I do like the show, but sometimes you’re just way out there. Mark- Arizona

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