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By Hank Bonecutter

Clarksville, TN – These are crazy times we’re living in, to say the least.  It’s an election year, there’s a deadly virus among us, and unrest in the streets.

The country is in a state of confusion and misinformation, yet still has the time to argue with every Tom, Dick and Harry on the planet.  We’ve taken disagreement to another level.

A house with ties to one of the most notorious biker gangs is on the market in Toronto’s east-end and it could be yours for $2.189 million

One thing I think we can all agree on though is that Bikers understand diversity and embrace it with love and respect.  You don’t have to explain to a biker what it means to respect one another.  We come in all colors, sizes and lifestyles.

From the early days of motorcycles, we were thought of as “rebels” “daredevils” and “gang” members. Nobody understood the lifestyle. Nobody understood the passion and the adventure of touring down the open road on two wheels.

Bikers do!

An area motorcycle group roared into Delmont this past Saturday taking advantage of the sunshine and clear skies

Since I began this journey, my life has intersected with young and old. Man and woman. Black and White. Brown and yellow. I’ve ridden with liberals, conservatives, Christians and atheists. It didn’t matter. We’re bikers!

Sitting at lunch one day with friends, and during a discussion about politics, one of my brothers mentioned he was voting for a particular candidate because of “his faith.”

Another biker chirped, “what difference does that make?” We didn’t have a big argument, or heated discussion, we just moved on with our opinion, like civilized adults.

Jerry Harbour, one of three members of the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club killed in Texas Hill Country was honored Monday

While riding one day with another group of brothers, we happened to pass a military cemetery. As I was trailing another biker, a veteran, he turned towards the cemetery and promptly saluted the fallen. Brought tears to my eyes.

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