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*Insane Throttle Received the Following Statement from a witness who was at the gas station the media is reporting about a fight, between the Hells Angels and Mongols. This was initially sent to*

I am writing to you in regards to the article written about the incident that happened at the shell gas station, in Valley View, Ohio on saturday July 25,2020.

Your report has a lot of false information in it, and is also adding fuel to a fire that should have never been lit. This situation was completely preventable and was extremely unnecessary

THREE men, including a senior member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG), charged following an ongoing investigation into alleged violent and criminal activity

As a person who was there, this was not a turf war between two bike clubs. This was an attack on a couple of guys out riding their bikes.

Not one person from the stabbing victims group was in Mongols gear. They were in street clothes. As the footage will show.

They stopped to fill up before going riding, when a known hang around of the hells angels and former 47 club member ( a sister club of the hells angels), who goes by the name Joe D (from Garfield Heights), pointed at the group of bikers at the gas station. The reasons are not clear at this time.

Mark Warner member of the Owyhee County chapter of the Vagos motorcycle gang sentenced to five years in prison with life indeterminate

The hells angels and the hang arounds who were on their way to the 47 club, located on Warner road , right up the hill, did a u-turn and circled back to the shell gas station.
The man who pointed at them originally, initiated the altercation and enticed the entire fight.

The stabbing victim, who is much younger than reported in your article, was walking out of the gas station, when attacked by JOHN Fuller, with a knife.
Again, on video.

The shooter is the stabbing victim’s older “blood” brother. He saw Fuller was choking the stabbing victim, while stabbing him repeatedly in the head at the same time and the shooter repeatedly told Fuller to stop or he was going to shoot. (Also on camera).

A fight between Mongols MC and Hells Angels ended with one gang member stabbed and another fatally shot at a gas station, officials said

The shooter screamed multiple times to fuller, which fuller ignored and started aiming for the victims throat, when the older brother opened fire. The older brother saved his younger brother’s life from this senseless act of violence.

The shooter and older blood brother of the stabbing victim, did everything by the book and did everything he was taught in his CCW class and immediately followed all police orders.

The hang around of the Hells angels, who started the entire thing tried to run but police caught him.

The family of the stabbing victim was called on scene. There were no mongols, no supporters or any biker clubs other than the Hells Angels.

The stabbing victims’ family was surrounded by Hells Angels and supporters, who were parked in all surrounding locations of the gas station; threatening them and taking videos and pictures of them on the scene when asked by police to leave. The stabbing victims family had to be escorted out by police for they were in fear of being followed or worse.

Police and a prosecutor raised concerns about Daniel Navarro’s mental health months before he was charged with a hate crime for ramming his pickup into a motorcycle

This was not a violent turf war. This was not club related.

This was a hang around trying to earn his stripes and show his loyalty to the very same club where he got a member of the Hells angels murdered. For no reason.

These are facts. Not for the sake of a big story but actual facts!

Thank you

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