Unless 2020 scared you into a prepper cave somewhere in the desert, you’ll no doubt have noticed a trend over the past few years for ‘moto workwear’. Put simply, it’s gear that’s made for both the workshop and the ride to and from it. Antipodean innovators in their field are the Aussie/Kiwi-based Earnest Co., who have been owning the style locally since they were founded in 2012.

With this trend in mind, we decided to try out their front-runner in the segment. Ticking all the boxes with ‘factory’ looks, Kevlar protection and some seriously heavy-duty construction, we spent a few weeks testing the thing out both on and off the bike. Please meet the ‘Smiths’ Kevlar and Denim jacket.

Earnest Co’s ‘Smiths’ K-Canvas Jacket

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Credits : returnofthecaferacers.com

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