Recently, a reader of MotorBikeWriter reached out to us to share his story titled ‘But Where Do You Put The Patient?’. This novel was written by Paul Riley, a motorcycle paramedic with over 20 years of experience for the Ambulance Service of NSW in Sydney, Australia. 

Paul is a part of a rare breed that it takes to be part of an emergency response team. Most flee from disaster, paramedics run towards it in an effort to save lives. For six years, Paul spent that time as a motorcycle paramedic navigating the narrow streets or traffic-riddled roads of Sydney, to get to those in need. Being on a motorcycle gave him and his patients the advantage of time, as he could get to an accident scene much faster than his four-wheeled colleagues. 

Paul gives his readers the opportunity to see what life is like on the life-saving side of an accident. Aside from the serious, heartbreaking, and painful parts that come with being a first responder, Paul has gathered some hilarious stories over the years as a paramedic. 

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If you’d like to ride along with a motorcycle paramedic by getting yourself a copy of Paul Riley’s ‘But Where Do You Put The Patient?’, you can visit his website, where both hardcopy or e-books are available. Paul even welcomes riders and readers alike to keep in touch with him by tossing him an email (found on his website) – this further indicates his dedication to humankind, no matter what.

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